Michael Branthwaite

Michael is a Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University; in this role he is an award leader for Foundation Art, MA Supervisor for Negotiated Practice and a link tutor for Partner Colleges. He has worked in arts education since 2005 in a variety of settings from Young Offenders to Schools/Colleges and Universities.  Michael is a practicing artist and recent exhibitions include Olyimpolis project at Platmonas Train station in Greece and the Wirksworth Festival. He has recently been select by Saatchi on-line to show case work at the A Foundation, Liverpool.

My work is an exploration of low-fi and ad:hoc means of communication and intervention. I have an interest in creating temporal situations through a range of media that aim to enable the viewer to reassess and explore their physical and contemplative surroundings.

In pursuing this I have used a range of skills and techniques to discover the most appropriate medium for any one work. Most recently I have used text and found objects, the text has either been etched in to the surface or written on to it. The objects where then placed back in there original surroundings; card bored placed back in the street, boxes behind shops and furniture returned to charity shops or place beside a skip. By doing this I aim to infiltrate the every day and create chance happenings that I believe can affect the viewer in a different manner to that of a gallery. In contrast to this my gallery-based work explores process and time, either in the work itself or by use of video and text.