Missions & Aims

rednile projects is the joint collaborative practice of three artists; Suzanne Hutton, Michael Branthwaite and Janine Goldsworthy, rednile initiate and deliver innovative contemporary art projects in the public realm with a focus on experimentation, research and collaboration. Our grass roots projects involve artists, specialists, communities and businesses, exploring the fabric of a place and creating artworks that are integrated with impact, quality and beauty.

Promote Excellence in the Arts: By developing, initiating and running high profile ambitious programmes that are recognised on an international level as innovative and challenging. By producing projects that are experimental and focus on impact, quality and innovation.

Work Collaboratively: Developing projects that work in collaboration with a number of partners to meet regional and national strategies. Ensuring all of our projects are developed in collaboration with other artists, arts organisations and businesses to allow exchange of skills and knowledge and to develop national networks for long term future partnerships. All of our projects provide opportunities to artists and creatives from a diverse range of practices including writers, curators, artists, musicians, designers and choreographers to enable cross fertilisation of ideas and skills. To work with businesses and partners to build projects that are mutually beneficial and help to feed into their research and ambitions.

Raise aspirations and quality of art in West Midlands and North East England through the Factory Nights core programme:  Developing high profile projects that raise the aspirations for an area by bringing world class artists and curators to the regions to co-create projects. To find and nurture hidden talent and skills and to provide opportunities for those creative people including supporting recent graduates through mentorships and professional paid opportunities. Strengthen links with key organisations throughout the region and to develop projects with them across the two regions and also nationally/internationally. To explore and open-up interesting businesses and spaces though art interventions and activities, promoting these businesses and spaces as attractive to outsiders and for investment in the arts aiming to act as a catalyst to develop future opportunities. Encourage partners from the two regions to work with rednile across national projects. Increase projects and activity in Stoke-on-Trent and Teesside and promote both regions as places of artistic excellence and cultural importance.

Ensure Rednile is growing and sustainable: To develop partnership working in the regions to share skills, equipment and resources. To work in partnership with businesses and local authorities to ensure projects have impact and contribute to the local economy and landscape as a long term investment. To source opportunities that are outside arts funding working with businesses and regeneration departments to sustain working in the public domain. Continue to work with Arts and Business to bring new investment into our projects and not to rely solely on government funding. To ensure our projects are value for money with little overheads, have a high quality output and that their is a lasting positive legacy to all our projects. To develop a long term strategy for sustainability of rednile, researching into how we can us our skills to continue in the arts including the selling of artworks produced during the Factory Nights programme.

Support continued Development of rednile artist/founders: To develop projects and initiate ideas that support the practice of the rednile artist founders and directors. To ensure rednile directors have time to undertake research and develop as individuals and to take on training opportunities and skill sharing to feedback into the long term development of rednile. To support risk taking and trying out of new ideas and to continually assess and actively pursue a change of direction to fit with an ongoing change of climate and landscape We aim to continually educate ourselves to be up to date with current debate and issues.

Nurture Talent: With Emerging and Mid career artists by providing high quality opportunities that have an impact on their career and by providing space and a supportive environment to experiment and challenge their own practice. rednile will continue to pay artists fairly for their time, work and talent.

Develop Meaningful Participation: To develop projects at a grass roots level that involve and are inspired by the fabric of a place. To ensure projects have a high level of transparency and are highly accessible for anyone to explore and enjoy. We aim to reach new audiences through each project by working in new venues alongside businesses and communities and strive for meaningful participation during the development and delivery of public art projects. To develop innovative approaches to involve people in our projects so they are interested in being involved and taking ownership of the outcomes. To have a strong online presence through our website, facebook and Youtube site so that people that cannot attend our projects can still be involved and experience the events and activities. That all of our projects will have a lasting legacy through skills passed onto community groups, artworks and events raising aspirations and through the dissemination of high quality publications and writing/reviews for our temporary activities.