Factory Nights Writing

In an effort to document each Factory Night in a way that wasn’t purely photographic, rednile decided to advertise an open call to writers to document the events in terms of their context, the experience and the relevance of the event. A range of writers were selected and given the same brief ‘to attend a particular Factory Night and respond to it in their own style.’ Outcomes could include a critical essay, poem, in conversation with, story etc. with each adding another dimension to the documentation of Factory Nights. The works are available to read below…

Curious cartographers drawing invisible maps  by Iris Aspinall Priest in response to the Dundas House Factory Night, June 2012

Grace is the art of the fall ascending  by Joanna Brown in response to the Boulby Potash Factory Night, May 2012

The Condition of Cleveland  by Adam Stock in response to the Eston Hills Factory Night, March 2012

Not Just Remembrance: Different States of Cultural Fragility  by Gabriella Arrigoni in response to the Loftus and Skinningrove Factory Night, Sept 2011

The Captain Cook  by Bob Beagrie in response to the Transporter Bridge and Captain Cook Factory Night, Jun 2011

Reclamation (on visiting the Captain Cook)  by Andy Willoughby in response to the Transporter Bridge and Captain Cook Factory Night, Jun 2011

It’s a question of not starting with answers  by Martine Rouleau in response to Bed of closed branch of Burslem Canal, Apr 2012

The Space inside Digital Signals  by Davy Smith in response to The Historic Crabtree Factory, Feb 2012.

FACTORY NIGHTS: HANLEY BUS STATION by Jeff Phelps in response to 1970’s Bus station and Peppers garage, Dec 2011.

Factory Night Review  by Mort Chatterjee in response to the Iconic Slip Disc Disco Factory Night in Mumbai, Nov 2011.

Untitled  by Hugh Dichmont in response to the Historic Wedgwood Institute Factory Night, Oct 2011.

In Conversation  by Emily Speed and Anna Francis in response to the Stoke National Garden Festival Site, Aug 2011.