Factory Night @ Dove Marine Laboratory

Factory Nights at Dove Marine will be an inspiring working sessions that brings together scientists and artists. The artists will be from a variety of disciplines, including visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, and filmmakers. Scientists from any field are welcome.

Background Information:

For over one hundred years the Dove Marine Laboratory has played a pivotal role in contributing to our understanding of fisheries science, marine organismal biology, ecology, and of human impacts on our oceans. Marine science is a research area of global importance in the 21st century, with issues such as climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss, ocean acidification and marine species invasions challenging our expertise and capabilities, and the Dove continues to contribute both nationally and internationally to these endeavours.  Marine science is also furthering biotechnological and pharmaceutical competence through the development of novel techniques and new drugs. It opens up the possibility of providing protein for global human populations through sustainable aquaculture technologies. Our oceans and seas are clearly a new ‘frontier’ in which sustainable development in this age of critical population growth must be addressed. Since 2002 the Dove Marine Laboratory has been located within Newcastle Universities School of Marine Science and Technology, the broadest-based marine school in Europe. Fields embraced by the School include engineering, biology, naval architecture, coastal management, environmental sustainability and small craft technology. The strength of the School lies in bringing together the expertise from such diverse disciplines in exciting research and educational programmes.

This Factory Night follows on from the successful collaboration with Dove by artist Cath Keay. During her research at Dove, Cath made a series of  text-based terracotta sculptures that were submerged to be colonised by marine organisms.

Funded and supported by: North Tyneside Council as part of North Tyneside’s Year of the Arts 2010-11
With special thanks to University of Newcastle and Dove Marine Laboratory.
Other Factory Night Funders include: Arts Council England and Northern Rock Foundation
For more information on North Tyneside Year of the Arts see North Tyneside Councils website
For more information on the Dove Marine Laboratory see University of Newcastle, Dove link