bus station commissions charlie

Artist Residencies at PITT Project space and Billboard tour

Research and Residency Programme a collaboration with PITT Project space in response to The Hanley Bus Station Factory Night.

26th May – 2nd June Charlie Hurcombe is in the studio – 11am-4pm daily.

My original intention to utilise objects gathered from the wreckage of the (to be) demolished bus station to construct maquettes for public sculpture proposals has now developed into a residency over a 9 day period at PITT project space, Worcester. The residency focuses on the production of maquettes but with the original specific link to the site being replaced by a search for the character of the site (whilst being aware not to focus on the perhaps ‘negative’ current state of the bus station). A particular physical feature / aspect (small or large) may also be utilised and abstracted.

Maquettes will be cast, constructed and assembled.

I am also working on a Rednile Multiple for this project which may be (a) plaster cast objects (b) 35mm slides (6 off per multiple).

16th June – Research and project work inspired by Hanley Bus Station – works by Charlie Hurcombe, Michelle Rheeston-Humphreys + Redhawk Logistica, Paul W Johnson + Chris Reader – 6.30 – 8.30pm

Sunday 17th June: Billboard on Tour at Hanley Bus station 10am-4pm

Exploded Bus Station

by Redhawk Logistica and (h)edge kelektiv

The past is written all over the old bus station’s distressed walls and worn surfaces, traces that give clues to the site’s uses over time. The new bus station will arrive like a vision of the future; a shiny spaceship landing on the hill. The extreme contrast between what is and what will be, has led us to think about what kind of relationship these two disparate building’s could have with each other. Our billboard salvages fragments of the old bus station (and environs), memorializing subtly overwritten surfaces as a kind of evolved architectural language, soon to be destroyed by the demolition process. We asked ourselves what would happen if somehow the two buildings merged in a dramatic event, with traces of the old bus station being embedded in the brand new one and pristine shards of the new one inserted randomly into the old station.



19th – 22 June – Michael Branthwaite is in the studio – 11am-4pm daily.

The work I will be making is influenced by Lissitzky, not necessarily in the way it looks but in the idea behind it; the investigation of ‘new’ forms. His work has clear architectural influence/suggestions but no intention of ‘designing a building’. I will be using materials that are low value and that link to the site either actually in the form of sculpture or visually in the form of collage and print. I want to use this methodology to see where it can take my work and consider  the utopian vision of the bus station when it was constructed but offer a dialogue with its present context; awaiting demolition and being replaced by another piece of architecture sharing a utopia vision and promising to bring change and prosperity.