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Elaine Lim Newton Porcelain lighting Sculptures

Unique Commission for Elaine Lim Newton inspired by Factory Night @ The Historic Crabtree Factory

I will create a number of ceramic and mixed media sculptures that are inspired by the original Crabtree light switches, and factory manufacturing processes. I envisage these sculptures to be in the shape of domes that will be composed from interesting forms found in the original Crabtree light fittings.

Each sculpture will be hand-built from beautiful translucent porcelain clay with the possible additions of plastics or metal.

I will be using traditional making techniques that require repetitive processes such as the use of plaster moulds to cast the main ceramic forms and create the smaller details (which are widely used in the ceramics industry). If possible I would love to use original Crabtree light fittings to help construct my moulds (by casting directly from the shapes/ or using them as reference).

The sculptures will then be decorated with photographic images from the Crabtree society’s archives and photos taken from the current Lyndon house hotel. Each sculpture will be illuminated with some having an interactive element such as a movement sensor or a switch triggering illumination or an interesting light effect.

The sculptures will be wall mounted and located in a number of interesting and unusual places around the interiour of the Lyndon house hotel.

I am an established visual artist based in Derby City, I specialise in the medium of ceramics complemented by a variety of media. I create playful interactive work that takes inspiration from a variety of sources including natural structures and my East Asian heritage.

I will use this fabulous and rare opportunity to work closely with the Crabtree society and alongside other events I will be running photography and making workshops over the duration of the project, these will inform and inspire the developing body of work.

Its been really interesting developing forms for this new body of work, the current prototype has allowed me to start to work out how i will construct the resulting forms- the dos and the donts!, and the beginnings of some designs for the final pieces. I am also quite excited about the possibility of creating a really interactive light aspect to this project which will possibly include remotes, sensors and lazers.

Regular updates and opportunities for locals to take part in the project will be advertised in my blog at www.elainelimnewton.wordpress.com

This commission is in partnership with Multistory and the Crabtree Society.