Factory Nights 2008


Factory Nights 2008 was a successful programme of creative working sessions piloted in North Tyneside and Sunderland. The sessions provided a unique opportunity for all types of creative people to come together, many who normally work at home or in isolation and provide a fuel to feed the creative fire, whilst forging relationships with businesses and utilizing their interesting spaces. Factory Nights aimed to solve the frustration of a lack of studio space available, to give opportunities for artists to make work and also provides a channel for creative people to become more visible. Each venue chosen to house a Factory Night, had the enthusiasm for future creative collaboration within their spaces and wanted to work with artists.




@ Holy Trinity Church and Old Town Hall, Sunderland


@ Wallsend Festival, 5 July 2008


@ Tynemouth Station, Tynemouth


@ Former Water Board Building, Hawksley House, Sunderland City Centre


@ Rooftop football pitch YMCA, North Shields


@ Queen St. Masonic Temple, Hendon, Sunderland


@ Mecca Bingo, High St West, Wallsend Town Centre