Factory Nights by Day

@ Wallsend Festival, 5 July 2008

rednile presented a day of artists-in-residence at Mecca Bingo as part of the Wallsend Festival. Five North East artists were located throughout the former 1930’s cinema and spent the day making work inspired by the history of the building, the people that use it and their stories. The bingo games continued throughout the day as the artists moved around the building working in photography, drawing, film, sound and sculpture. This allowed customers and the public to engage with artists to find out what inspires them and how they create their artwork.


Adinda was inspired on the rednile Mecca Bingo Factory Night when she discovered through chatting to the elderly women, how important the bingo was to their sense of independence. Adinda explored the gap between herself and these women who are two generations ahead of her by providing a platform of self-expression. On the festival day Adinda invited women to talk to her about their personal stories, which she recorded and mixed into a short sound performance.


Brighid used the Festival day to do research for a short film. The building was used as a location for a scene in her film which will reference movies from the 1930’s. Brighid made drawings for a story-board, took digital video footage and frame shots using an old fashioned 16mm film camera.


On visiting the Mecca Bingo, Sarah noticed many interesting details of the building and its architecture that are perhaps often overlooked during an everyday Bingo session. Sarah invited people during the residency to join her in taking photographs and possibly reveal any features they have noticed.


Michael make a film based on the random numbers called in bingo and invited visitors to read out their favourite or lucky bingo number. This was then be made into a projection showing each of the bingo numbers in a random order. This piece will be a visual documentation of the clientele of the bingo in Wallsend in 2008 and a reflection on superstition and luck that is used in the game. Michael later showcased this in July 2010 as part of the Factory Folk celebration event at the Lit and Phil in Newcastle.


Suzanne and Janine collaborated to make an installation in the bingo hall using billboard posters from past adverting campaigns for the Mecca Bingo that have been discarded in the former cinema projection rooms. This was later photographed from the ceiling.


Factory Nights by Day was funded by North Tyneside Council and kindly supported by Mecca Bingo, Wallsend.