Factory Night @ Tynemouth Station, Tynemouth

Factory Night @ Tynemouth Station, Tynemouth

Saturday 21 June, 2008

The Grade II listed structure is regarded as one of the most impressive Victorian station complexes.  Tynemouth Station built in 1882 is a landmark of national significance which is in need of restoration, it still has many original features including signage and canopies and has a unique quality of a space that is both indoors and outdoors. The station is home to one of the most unusual visual art spaces in the region, The Bridge. This space spans both platforms at Tynemouth Station and launched its installation programme in 1995 to exhibit work ranging from international artists to regional art students. The station is also home to the famous flea market every weekend and hosts 4 annual book fairs.

rednile hope to bring together artists in the areas of North Tyneside and Sunderland, open up art and artists’ practices, whilst forging relationships with businesses and utilizing interesting spaces in each area.

The programme aims to build on rednile’s relationships with business that have developed since 2005 (from initiating projects such as re:gen and Space) and aim to bring new people each area and create interest in their regeneration strategy and redevelopment. Factory Nights is also a channel for creative people to become more visible and therefore increase the opportunities for more events and build a stronger cultural community that the local authority are aware of and can potentially work with. Each venue chosen to house a Factory Night, have the enthusiasm for future creative collaboration within their spaces and want to work with artists.

Factory Nights is the first programme of creative working sessions rednile have initiated (past projects have involved artists residencies, exhibitions and education programmes). Frustrated by the lack of studio space available and opportunities for artists to make work, rednile envisage that creative working sessions will bring together those who normally work at home or in isolation and provide a fuel to feed the creative fire!

rednile Projects Ltd. is creatively directed by 3 artists, Suzanne Hutton, Michael Branthwaite and Janine Goldsworthy. Over the past 4 years rednile have coordinated 8 major projects in the North East all in temporary venues giving over 30 opportunities to artists in the form of residencies in businesses, exhibitions, new commissions and temporary public art commissions. We have also supported artists by providing free studio space, opportunities for writers, mentoring and education for students and opportunities to be involved in projects in various roles. We have worked hard to secure funding for all our projects, both regional and elsewhere in the UK, to ensure all involved are paid for their time, work and talent. We aim to continue working in interesting temporary spaces, to collaborate creatively and provide opportunities to artists and businesses to help build strong cultural communities.