Factory Nights


Factory Nights is a series of inspiring working sessions for ANY visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and any other creatives!

Factory Nights is not a discussion event, seminar or workshop.

Factory Nights are free sessions that simply provide an opportunity for creative people to come together in an interesting venue and supportive environment to make work or initiate ideas.

“For rednile, Factory Nights are ‘a way of stepping outside received reality’ whilst also taking a moment to live in the moment. That I was thinking of D.W. Winnicot’s ‘third space’ of play (where real growth happens) when someone described the ethos of Factory Nights as ‘let’s play again – everything at work is just play’ is one of many things which is neither design nor coincidence, but arguably carefully encouraged accident.” Mark Robinson / Thinking Practice



Staffordshire hoard by candle light

Factory Night @ Staffordshire Hoard – Trentham Gardens Saxon site. June 2012

bus station commissions charlie

Factory Night Unique Commission: Research and Residency Programme a collaboration with PITT Project space in response to The Hanley Bus Station. May-June 2012

garden festival banner copy

Factory Night Unique Commission: Little Earth Quake, Ruthie Ford and David Bethal in response to Stoke National Garden Festival Site. Spring 2012

bed of canal

Factory Night @ Bed of closed Burslem Branch Canal. Apr 2012

elaine header copy

Factory Night Unique Commission: Elaine Lim Newton producing ceramic and mixed media lighting sculptures inspired by Crabtree electric Factory. June 2012

Crabtree switches

Factory Night @ The Historic Crabtree Factory (now the characterful Lyndon House Hotel) Feb 2012


Factory Night @Eston Hills, Redcar and Cleveland, March 2012

72dpiRednile Roker Jan 2012_48

Factory Night @Spottee’s Cave, Marine Walk and Watch House Museum in Roker, Sunderland, Jan 2012


Factory Night Unique Commission: Artists in Residence – Bethan Lloyd Worthington & Sarah Riseborough with Archaeologists@Lotfus, Redcar and Cleveland, late 2012.


Film and Dance piece by Mat Fleming and Film Bee inspired by the Wallaw Cinema in Blyth, in development.

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