Seat drawing

Concrete Bespoke research project

rednile have been working with Bespoke Concrete on a number of public realm projects to look into ways of incorporating functional artworks. The project aims to challenge the perceptions of Concrete and to explore the potential of this unfashionable material looking again at Modernist and Brutalist Architecture.

“It was the most unjustly despised material. When you said concrete, all people thought of was cheap high-rise towers with stains running down the sides, ugly schools with obscene graffitti and underpasses smelling.

The thing no one seemed to really appreciate about concrete was the way it was a kind of negative. It just took up whatever space was left vacant for it. You could say it revealed the shape of the imagination.

Did you know, that it’s not really a solid at all. It’s really a very thick liquid.  It actually keeps on flowing even after it’s set. It’s called creep. They don’t understand it. What happens when the water hits the mix. They know what happens but they dont know why. On a modular level. ” 

Quote from Kate Grenville, The Idea of Perfection pg 263 1999