Lay lines

Public Artworks under development

Current Ideas and Artworks under development or unrealised…

Points of Evolution and Desire Lines,  highlighting spaces that are used in a way they were not designed for,  re-tracing activity, exploring the way ‘non-spaces’ are used. Injecting man made colour into natural spaces and experimenting with scale and the properties of materials.

Duggleby Howe Chalk Glacier and Lay Lines are a way of using temporary unusual materials (chalk and weather balloons) to draw attention to the overlooked Saxon Howe, this could be translated across a number of sites and could potentially use poppies or other coloured flowers as an ongoing installation on the site so that its importance is highlighted.

Fragments is a wall based artwork that incorporates layering of colour, symbols and pattern taken from hidden or unusual features of a site. The piece would provide the viewer with something new to see each time. The patterns and symbols could be universal, taken from anywhere in the world. The use of mirrors would create an illusion of space, textures and create new symbols through its reflection.

Diamond Forms is an idea to look at the molecular structure of jewels and strong materials to create art works which represent strength and beauty


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