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Factory Nights, 2011-2012: Publication PDF

Factory Nights, 2009-2010: Publication PDF

National Garden Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent  New Map: Map side 1, Map side 2

Steeling Skies, Lamppost Sky Map trail: Publication PDF

Steeling Skies, June-October 2009: catalogue 1 (PDF), catalogue 2 (PDF)

Pioneering Species, June 2009: catalogue (PDF)

Final Frontier, May 2009: catalogue (PDF)

‘I Won the Maths Prize at School’, Sept-Oct 2007: catalogue (PDF)

Interventions, Objects, Spaces, Aug 2007: catalogue (PDF)

ARTCAST, Jun 2007: catalogue (PDF)

Temporary Address, Oct 2006: Blyth catalogue (PDF), Ashington catalogue (PDF)

Space, Nov-Dec 2005: catalogue (PDF)

Re:gen, March 2005: catalogue (PDF)


Factory Nights 2011-2012 Evaluation and Sustainable Business Model by Culture Partners

Factory Nights 2011-2012: rednile personal evaluation

Factory Nights, 2009-2010: Evaluation Report

Pioneering Species 2009: Report

Final Frontier 2009: Report 

Press Coverage:

Building Dreams programme at Cragside- by David Whetstone at Culture Magazine June 2013