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Handpicked Hall Independent Barcodes

Handpicked Hall Independent Barcodes draws on the idea of looking at an alternative way of representing and mapping the Grand Arcade in Leeds City Centre and the independent businesses that are based there. Through the project we aimed to discover the hidden elements, small details and uniqueness of the hall and its retailers and connect people in the area to its past and future, its stories and stories of people who work/ed there.

rednile conducted research by talking to the retailers and their staff to look for stories, memories, hopes, ideas and photos of items they sell – we also explored the Grand Arcade building and record its detail and features which hint at its former and future life. This research of visual and non visual material was then brought together in a digital, interactive ‘contemporary barcode’ artwork installed on vinyl and integrated into the wall the Handpicked Hall.

A highly intricate and ornate image was designed using patterns of everyday and overlooked features of the hall and retail spaces. The patterns are embedded with QR codes which can be scanned by smartphones to take the viewer to gems of information discovered.

The final design is not an information board or map of the Hall but an artwork which offers random, interesting and personal gems of information along with striking imagery.

rednile are very conscious of the role an artwork can play in representing an area or place.We are very interested in the notion of how public art can often oversimplify what ‘makes a place’ and are keen to develop artwork and art  projects that respond to the complexity and constant state of change of our urban spaces imagery.

The Independant Barcodes artwork celebrates the launch of the newly developed Handpicked Hall situated in the Grand Arcade Leeds.

rednile would like to thank Handpicked Hall LLP for their support and Leeds Library and Information Service.