Factory Nights


Factory Nights is a series of inspiring working sessions for ANY visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and any other creatives!

Factory Nights is not a discussion event, seminar or workshop.

Factory Nights are free sessions that simply provide an opportunity for creative people to come together in an interesting venue and supportive environment to make work or initiate ideas.

“For rednile, Factory Nights are ‘a way of stepping outside received reality’ whilst also taking a moment to live in the moment. That I was thinking of D.W. Winnicot’s ‘third space’ of play (where real growth happens) when someone described the ethos of Factory Nights as ‘let’s play again – everything at work is just play’ is one of many things which is neither design nor coincidence, but arguably carefully encouraged accident.” Mark Robinson / Thinking Practice



2013-06-09 12.18.21

Factory Night @ Tanfield Railway June 2013 in collaboration with Steelworks Project Space

cath keay copy

Factory Night Unique Commission: Inspired by the Factory Night held in Dundas House, Middlesbrough, artist Cath Keay is developing a contemporary beehive project which responds to Modernist architecture in the town. Dec 2012 – Summer 2013

helen and Stef copy

Factory Night Unique Commission: Motion sensor photography by Helen Stead and atmospheric soundscape composed by Stef Conner in response to Staffordshire Hoard and Saxon Pilgrimage. Early 2013


Factory Night @Dundas House, Middlesbrough – an experimental, site responsive ‘making’ weekend. June 2012


Factory Night Unique Commission: Ever Present: A mapping project by Luce Choules and Adam Stock. Eston Hills, July 2012

Speed of Reaction event Roker

Factory Night Unique Commission: Speed of Reaction interactive event by Yolanda de Los Bueis in Roker, Sunderland. Aug 2012

joyce and deb copy

Factory Night Unique Commission: New collaboration for visual artists Deborah Gardner and Joyce Iwaszko at Burslem Branch Canal, Sept 2012.

old bank copy

Factory Night@ Longton Old bank- experimental ‘making and site responsive’ session. July 2012


Factory Night @ Boulby Potash mine, May 2012

BCB residency banner copy

Factory Night Unique Commission:Artists in Residence Sun Ae Kim,David Booth and Holly Corfield Carr at Spode Factory during British Ceramics Biennial, Nov 2011

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