Ever Present: Mapping project exploring Eston Hills in Redcar and Cleveland

Commissioned Artists/s:  Luce Choules and Adam Stock
Inspired by: Factory Night @ Eston Hills which took place in March 2012

In July 2012 Artist and Cartographer Luce Choules and Writer Adam Stock conducted research into Eston Hills, taking photographs, audio recordings and writing in order to create an alternative map of the Eston Hills area. They walked and engaged with locals to discuss their relationships with the landscape and made sound recordings and photographic documentation. They looked for traces and markings, entry and exit points, pathways and invisible borders. The idea is to explore the landscape in relation to past industrial use, present population and unfolding future.

Using experimental narrative mapping as a process and as an outcome, this collaborative project seeks to record a conversation between photography and writing that responds directly to the Eston Hills site. Of particular interest is the potential for dialogue between disciplines and location, in the mapping of images and words, to create this new piece of site-responsive work – a work about industrial use and cultural observation.

The limited edition Map will investigate temporality, and conversations with the land and its histories – shaping a shifting landscape of images and words involving notions of ‘beauty’ and ‘utility’. The map will become a record of a consultation process – poetic and democratic – and become a place in its own right where the collective dialogue can be realised. There will be a limited edition print run with the hope to find funding for more which could then be sold in local info centres and outlets etc.

Luce Choules: biog

My practice explores physical and emotional geography, locating experiences of landscapes through transformative cartography. I am interested in journeys recorded on the land and water, and the plurality of place – never alike / always the same. New work looks at a relationship of people and place through photography-led narratives, conceptual films, experiential maps and sculptural interventions. Working site-responsively, I explore dramatic and subtle shifts in the landscape through still images, film and sound. I traverse and discover land and water by bicycle, on foot, cross-country skiing, climbing, and wild swimming. I work in an itinerant way. I regard the outdoor environment as my studio, and work in a peripatetic mode. I describe myself as an artist explorer. I am a member of the British Cartographic Society and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Adam Stock: biog

My practice is based upon creative research using archives, notes and diaries, photographs, interviews and sound recordings. I re-work, manipulate and re-order this documentation to produce inchoate textual fragments that interweave to form narratives. These stories often map landscapes I have explored, re-tracing the alterations they have undergone through geological processes and human interaction, and speculating on transformations yet to come. New work explores themes such as history, the concept of ‘nature’, time and chronology, science fiction and utopias. My background is as a researcher in the humanities and I recently graduated from Durham University with a PhD in English Literature. My recent critical publications include an article on art in dystopian fiction in Alluvium journal (, and a book chapter on nature in George Orwell’s fiction. In addition to ongoing creative writing, I am currently developing a longer critical project on the inter-relations between art and science fiction.